Notes from Joe – Grounding and other stuff

Hey guys, getting a lot of questions about grounding and grounds – check out the you tube below on the subject.

Station Grounding for Amateur Radio: Ask Dave Episode 8

Also added this great piece by Motorola on the subject – good read but big file (10 mb)  go to the WR4CC library here or download directly here!


Also I wanted to give you a heads up.  We are going to have the Swap Meet this year tentatively in July (date pending on site acquisition).  It will be at Sycamore Shoals State Park and we are going to have a simultaneous Swap Meet with the National Parks On the Air (NPOTA) the ARRL is doing.  Hope to have a page on our website soon so when we advertise that link can be included.   I’m hoping we can really advertise this good and get some recognition along with giving more purpose to the swap meet. 


Anyway news to follow when we get the event date worked out.  Along the same lines we will probably do another one NPOTA toward the fall (one thing at a time).  I will be typing up the meeting minutes and publishing the training schedule for the year by the end of the week.


Joe Harrison KK4JCH

President  CCARA