Notes from Joe & Feb Meeting

Hello everyone,

Here are the notes/announcements from the February Meeting of the Carter County Amateur Radio Club:

We had a new member join; please welcome Terry Feather, his call sign is KG4NWW. Please welcome Terry!

Along the same note if you haven’t paid your dues for 2016 please do so.  Ron McQuade is the Treasurer and you can also pay with paypal if you would like. 

*Ed Mueller presented our Education Schedule for the Year of 2016 (See below)

Program Topic                         Leader                         Date

Station Grounding                    Ed Mueller                   02/02/2016

Antenna Software                    Rueben Duckworth      03/01/2016

Coax Length Determination     Allen Johnson              04/05/2016     

Intro to Digital Modes              To be determined         05/03/2016

PSK 31 (Digital Comms)                      To be determined         06/07/2016

Weak Signal Communications To be determined         07/05/2016

Fox Hunting (Direction Finding)          Joe Harrison                08/02/2016

Satellite Contacts with an HT   To be determined         09/06/2016

Ham Radio Deluxe Overview  To be determined         10/04/2016

Solar Power for Ham Radio     To be determined         11/01/2016

Christmas Party                                    To be determined         12/06/2016

*Jerry Lake went over the Testing session (See Flyer) that is planned for February 20th.  You can print this flyer and give to someone or post it for advertisement.

*Ron McQuade was interviewed by the Eliz Star and they published an article about the club and its activities as well as an advertisement for the upcoming testing session. Let me know if you missed the article in the Star and I’ll send you a copy.

*Joe Hopkins has been looking for possible locations for the Swap Meet this year.  He gave us info on both the Health Department in Elizabethton and Sycamore Shoals State Park.  Both places have costs involved, the park would be $35 and the Health Department would be $50.  It was discussed to book the Park for the swap meet sometime in July (shooting for July 30th). We would also like to set up equipment and participate in the National Parks on the Air.  Joe Hopkins will report back on that at a later time.

I really would like to see EVERYONE participate in the July Swap Meet/National Parks on the Air this year.  We’ll need people to help with the food as well as operate the radio.  Having it at Sycamore Shoal’s in July is somewhat special, being that it is the month we celebrate these accomplishments of our forefathers who helped found this great nation we live in today.  During the month of July, the Park also puts on its play “Liberty” which tells the story of courage, resolve, and bravery that still reflects the area today.  Please join me and the rest of the Club in July to have a great swap meet and day of making radio contacts. 

*We also discussed the Roan Groan Bike Race; we could use one more volunteer for support. If others are interested in participating, we can always double up on the current positions.  It would come in handy to have more people with experience to help us out in case backup is needed. Keep in mind, the Roan Groan is a very important event for the club, the donation alone helps to fund upcoming expenses throughout the year.  As everyone knows, it costs a lot of money to pay the repeater electricity, the Shack electricity and the other bills that keep the club functioning.  Again let me know if you want to help and I’ll pass along updates as they come in. 

Here is the current breakdown of volunteers for the race (See below) 

Bike Race Check Point Assignments for June 4th 2015:

Net Control Frequency 145.290 with Tone OFF Starting Point – Harold Hall W4ALH X – Check Point 1 – Gap Creek (RT 361W)/19E – Danny Herman K4DHT X – Check Point 2 – HWY 173 (Simerly Creek Rd) / 19E – Jerry Lake KD4NH X – Check Point 3 – HWY 173(Simerly Creek Rd) / HWY 107 – Leroy Hale KM4IZM

X- Check Point 4 – HWY107 / Sciota Rd. – Leroy Hale KM4IZM Check Point A – Sciota Rd. at Antique Steam Engine Show – Ron McQuade WB4OX Check Point B – Sciota Rd. at Red Barn – Terry Feathers KG4NWW  SEE DIRECTIONS X – Check Point 5 – Sciota Rd. / Dry Ck Rd. (2495) – David Parlier KK4YTO X – Check Point 6 – Dry Ck Rd (2495) / Gap Ck Rd (361) –?????? Need Volenteer?????

X – Check Point 7 – 1st Crabtree /19E – Charles Rhinehart W4CGR

X- Check Point 8 – 2nd Crabtree/19E – Joe Harrison KK4JCH X – Check Point 9 – HWY 19E/143 – Roan Mountain Village –Mike Ludwig AE4LA Check Point 10 – HWY 143/ Burbank Rd/ Jack’s Store. – PT Padgett KI4YYS X – Finish Line – Roan Mtn. / NET CONTROL – Ed Mueller W4EPM and Joe Hopkins K4BKI Sweep Vehicle – Rover Follow Last Group – Harold Hall W4ALH and Bill Harness K4BWH Note to ALL:

Please, All Check Points be manned and ready for check in to verify signal quality between 08:45 and 09:00 with Net Control.       


See attached directions for CHECK POINTS A & B on Sciota Road From (Check Point 1- 361W & 19E) Turn Right on 361W Travel 361W for 2.4 Miles then Turn Left at (Rock Building) 361W Travel 2.4 Miles Left Turn on Sciota Road Travel .6 Mile to Antique Steam Engines Show on the Right side of the road Check Point A is on left side of road across from the mail box, Park in the Field on the left. For Check Point B continue on Sciota Road for .8 Mile to the Red Barn on the Right; Park in the Field beside the Red Barn.

Check Point A is alerted by Check Point B of Bike traffic heading their way.

*The Covered Bridge Celebration in Elizabethton was brought up.  Members that were present decided that we would NOT participate this year.

*Currently our main ICOM base radio is on the fritz.  From what Ron has initially observed, the finals may be bad.  Club members decided to investigate the cost of repairs needed for it. The ICOM is one of the main radios used at Field Day. We will discuss in more details later on.

*Mike Ludwig (Club Secretary) brought up L & S Electronics.  As we all know, we are in the middle of a poor economy and it would be nice if you could support the only local Electronics store in the area.  L&S does carry a few used radios if you are looking.

*Chuck Short a CCARA club member and the Johnson City Club VP made an announcement. He wants to organize a quarterly meeting with all the area radio club officer’s. This meeting is to inform and coordinate education and events that are going on outside the CCARA.  Chuck will let us know the date and time of the first meeting.  Any info we get out of this meeting will be passed along to all CCARA members.

*Ed Mueller gave a short talk on Grounding as it pertains to Ham Radio (Station grounding physical, Antenna Grounding and Static Grounding).  He then showed a short Youtube video (Station Grounding for Amateur Radio: Ask Dave Episode 8 <> ) on the subject and made available the Motorola Grounding Manual.  Larry Watford will post a link to the video as well as add the Manual to our website for download.

Meeting adjourned.

I’m opened to comments or suggestions to improve all activities with the Carter County Amateur Radio Club. Feel free to call or email.

Joe Harrison KK4JCH

CCARA President

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