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  • The Carter County Amateur Radio Association will host a special event to commemorate the 242 year anniversary of the Muster at the Sycamore Shoals on the Watauga River and the march to King’s Mountain. This event which took place in 1780, led up to the Battle of King’s Mountain in South Carolina, on October 7th, 1780. This battle is referred to by many as  “the turning point of the American Revolution in the south”. Fort Watauga, known then as Fort Caswell, is located in the city of Elizabethton, Carter County TN, on the banks of the beautiful Watauga River, just above the Sycamore Shoals. This area is now Sycamore Shoals State Historic Park.





    WR4CC will operate 80m-20m SSB phone and digital transmissions beginning on September 25 and running thru October 7. We will have several operators running at various times throughout the event. QSL cards will be mailed after the event. QSL info is listed below. Please include a SASE. Please help us make this a fun and successful event to hopefully become an annual event.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Larry Davis  

    172 Carl Taylor Dr

    Elizabethton TN 37643

    Please include a SASE for US stations. For DX stations please include $3 for postage


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The Carter County Amateur Radio Association (CCARA) is comprised of FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operators who have voluntarily registered their capabilities and equipment for Emergency and/or community service.  CCARA operates and maintains a 144 mhz communications Repeater atop Holston Mountain to be used in the event of an actual emergency.

Available 24/7, the WR4CC/R repeater is open to all licensed Hams for non emergency and training  uses.  From time to time, the repeater is linked to the internet (echo link) and a network of Amateur Repeaters in upper East Tennessee, forming one of the largest Amateur Repeater Networks in the Eastern US. Tune your scanner or VHF radio to 145.29 mhz to listen in.  For Hams, the input is down 600 khz with an access tone of 103.5 hz.  CCARA holds a regular meeting (net) on the repeater each Monday evening at 8:00 pm est (0100 zulu – Tuesdays) – all Amateur Radio Operators are invited to participate.  Association meetings are generally held the first Tuesday in each month at the CCARA Station.

The CCARA is a nonprofit organization and is affiliated with the ARRL.  All operations, programs, and facilities are supported by members, gifts, donations, and advertisements found on this web site.

The primary mission of CCARA is to provide backup communications in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, or when regular communication fails.  Secondarily, CCARA encourages and facilitates participation in the hobby (young and old) by providing access to equipment, education, mentoring, license Exams, and special events.

CCARA can also furnish supporting communications for community events to help make the event safer or more fun. Events like Carter County Pedalfest bike run, the Roan Groan bike race, Relay for Life and others.  If you need communications help for your event, please use the Contact form to advise CCARA of your needs.

Registration for this site is closed to the general public. If you would like to become a contributing editor, send an email via the contact form including your Amateur Radio resume and an example of your written and photographic work.   Specialty column assignments are available

See you on the Radio!
73 WR4CC

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