Radio Station WR4CC

CCARA  sponsors and operates two association owned radio stations.  Repeater 146.700 mhz (access 77.0) and a Fixed station at 805 Hwy 91,  Elizabethton, TN.

The fixed base station is open to the public and member by appointment and announcement on this web site. The station includes a state of the art HF Station and several VHF and UHF operating positions and a state of the art IT system including a Winlink 2000 LAN Email server and Data Store.

Click here for a photo tour of the Shack and the Shack project.


The Log Book

The WR4CC Station log is available on live (no live but updated regularly)


DX is great from the club station – stop in and give it a try!



There are always chores and improvements to be made at the SHACK

Here are a summary of post related to WORK projects and equipment Needs and status at the SHACK.

Shack Chores