License Info

A license to operate an amateur radio station for personal use is granted to individuals
of any age once they demonstrate an understanding of FCC regulations and knowledge
of radio station operation and safety by passing an examination governed by the FCC
and administered by VECs.

There are three classes of licenses, each of which correlates to an increasing degree of
knowledge and privileges. They are Technician, then General and finally Extra classes.

Amateur radio licenses are issued after the successful completion of the exam. There is a $15.00 fee due to the VEC at the time of test and a $35.00 fee due to the FCC before a callsign is issued. When taking the Technician test, you must first obtain a FRN number from the FCC website. When taking a General or Amateur Extra test, you must bring a current copy of your amateur license.

CCARA routinely conducts license study sessions usually  followed by FCC sanctioned license exams conducted by authorized volunteer examiners.   Sessions are announced in advance and are conducted at the Sycamore Shoals Hospital Training Room or the CCARA Club Station.

For a listing of Study and Exam Dates, Places and Times click here.

Study Guides and Regulations can be found in the WR4CC on line library.