XP vs LUBUNTU (a Linux distribution)

In an earlier post I suggested there is Linux in your future if you are tired of the cost and poor performance of Windows and don’t have a CRAY super computer to support it. 

For those and other reasons I have been playing around with various Linux distributions to see which I like best and which meets my needs.  I still do a little engineering consulting and software development – a recent project includes embedded Linux as the core operating system so this old dog HAD to learn a few new tricks!

The first thing I had to do was learn the language of the Linux community – it anit good ole boy southern speak!

For example, a “distro” is not a beer, but a package of Linux software, consisting of a core Linux OS and various operating applications specific to the group that puts it all together.  Linux and its various “distros” are supported by individuals, commercial companies, and software communities world wide.  There are literally hundreds of “distro” packages available on the web for you to play with (opposed to one Windows OS) – best read some reviews of the various options before you start your journey in to Linux.  I’ll leave that up to you – but you can start here.

LUBUNTU is one of the many Linux distros available … that I really like.  It looks and feels like Windows XP (which I’ve used forever but no longer supported  by MS) is very light weight, secure, and will run on some of the older PC’s scattered around my shack, home, and office.   I’ve uploaded a very good article on LUBUNTU to the WR4CC on line library. Its a short very good read on why this Linux package works as a great replacement for Windows XP. Enjoy.

Here’s the really good news – LUBUNTU – is free (you can buy support if you want it) … AND in addition to free applications from the Linux community (most equivalent to the Windows versions) it will run 99% of your Microsoft or windows applications – as old as 3.1 . (Requires WINE, but will talk about that later).

I’m checking my favorite windows apps now and will let you know what I find out is a week or so.

If you have questions or need help with exploring Linux, drop me an email – will share what I know (may not  be that much!)

w4aue at arrl dot net.

73 de W4AUE