Total Solar Eclipse – August 21st, 2017 Operating Plan

On August 21st, 2017, a total solar eclipse will cause the shadow of the moon to traverse the United States from Oregon to South Carolina in just over 90 minutes.  Although the ionospheric effects of solar eclipses have been studied for over 50 years, many unanswered questions remain.  HamSCI is inviting amateur radio operators to participate in a large-scale experiment which will characterize the ionospheric response to the total solar eclipse and target open science questions.

Would you like to participate? Help out by getting on the air with the Solar Eclipse QSO Party, a contest-like operating event designed to generate data for studying the eclipse! Other ways to get involved include making HF Frequency Measurementsrecording HF spectra, setting up a Reverse Beacon Network Receiver, participating in VLF/LF receiving experiments, and listening to AM broadcast stations.  See our Eclipse Get Involved for more information.

The club shack located at 851 Hwy 91, Elizabethton, will be open around noon for anyone who wants to participate in this event.  Currently we plan on having two stations setup for your use.  So feel free to stop by and check out the shack and do some operating.



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