October CCARA Meeting Information

Ok we had a quick meeting getting the administrative stuff done and went over upcoming events like the ARES exercise that is this Saturday, the shack clean-up/maintenance day which is the following Saturday, a full testing session on November 4th 2017 and finally the Christmas Party that is December 8th 2017. 


Ron went over the finances.   

Old Business:

(1) Charles Rhinehart put out the pertinent information on the ARES Field Exercise on October 7th 2017 that starts at 8:00 AM.  The goal/purpose of the exercise is two-fold to support the event and let it provide proof of concept that the Carter County ARES can communicate across the county during any emergency.

There are eight Re-trans site’s that were picked out near the major routes that are along the Carter County perimeter.  Here’s the list of the people that will man each site.  If someone else would like to participate contact the individual at the nearest site.  This exercise should take less than an hour.

RTA Larry KM4RWO RT 91 near Cross Mountain

RTB Harold W4ALH RT 67 Just past the Butler Bridge over Watauga Reservoir

RTC Harold W4ALH RT 321 near Little Milligan Elementary School

RTD Rob KX4CI RT 37 near the NC/TN border

RTE Joe KK4JCH RT 143 Carvers Gap near the NC/TN border

RTF Charles W4CGR Sciota Rd near the Unicoi/ Carter County Line

RTG Mike AE4LA  I26 near the Okolona Exit

RTH Ed W4EPM RT 37/19 near the Sullivan/Carter County Line

(2) Elections were held and I would like to announce the following results.  I appreciate the guys that volunteer for the positons and everyone that participated.

President:  Greg Matthias KC9URS

Vice President: Bill Harness K4BWH

Treasurer: Larry Davis KM4RWO

Secretary: Joe Hopkins K4BKI

I also would like to personally thank Ron McQuade and Mike Ludwig for helping out the last two years.  I couldn’t have got things done without you.  The new officers will start their duties at the January 2018 meeting.  Everyone please help and support them to make the club’s events successful. 

(3) Saturday October 14th the CCARA will be having a clean up/Maintenace day at the shack.  Everyone come join us in keeping everything running right and clean.  Could someone bring a extension ladder, some of the trees limbs need trimming.

(4) We will be having a testing/study session at Sycamore Shoals Hospital on November 4th 2017.  After the exam a programed Baofeng UV5RA will be given away to a lucky new ham.

(5) The CCARA’s Christmas Party will be at 6:00PM December 8th 2017 at the Pine Room in Elizabethton TN.  Like last year the club will provide the settings and one meat entrée.  Everyone please bring a dish or volunteer for an item on the menu that I will publish next month. 

(6) I set up a new email and phone number for the Club.    The Clubs phone number is 423-518-0144 which is set up through google voice and currently rings my cell phone.  This will be transferable to the next group of Officers in 2018.  The email for will be wr4cc2017@gmail.com


New Business:

No New Business


We had a cook out.

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