November CCARA Meeting Information

Well November is here and the start of another holiday season.  So far the CCARA has had an outstanding year and I hope we can close it out with GREAT Christmas Party next month. 

Mike read the minutes from last meeting and it they were accepted and passed. 


 Ron went over the finances. 

Old Business:

 (1) ARES Exercise on October 7th went great with the exception of poor participation from the ARES members.  The CCARA was able to communicate across Carter County with few problems.  Exercises like this and field day are vital in keeping our emergency communications skills relevant and tested.  Also they are proof to the State and Local Governments that the CCARA could support them in any Emergency Communications that they may need. 

(2) October 14th Shack Clean up: I appreciate the members and their wives that came out to the cleanup on Saturday (Greg, Bill, David, Ed, Harold, Carol, Caroline, Beth and myself).  All I can say is WOW for the effort and the results.  The shack is nice and clean on the outside including the decks, the trees are cut back and the yard looks great.  One of the big bit of thanks needs to go out to Carol, Caroline and Beth for cleaning up the inside.  We still need to seal the decks before winter and that will get us through spring.

(3) The cookout and bonfire after the October meeting went excellent.  I want thank everyone for their participation.  Plus I want to thank everyone who brought food and drinks.  The weather was great and everyone seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and discussion. 

(4) The testing/study session at Sycamore Shoals Hospital on November 4th 2017 went OK. There were four people who showed up the take the exam.  Of that four three got their technician’s license, one passed the General exam and a big Congratulations to Walt Slagle who passed the EXTRA exam.  The programed Baofeng UV5RA was given away to one of the new lucky technicians.

(5) The CCARA’s Christmas Party will be at 6:00PM December 8th 2017 at the Pine Room in Elizabethton TN.  Like last year the club will provide the settings and one meat entrée.  Everyone please bring a dish or volunteer for an item on the menu which is listed below.  So far we have a few volunteers and need YOUR assistance in filling a couple of tables with food and drink.    Please email me if you would like to sign up to bring anything to the Christmas Party next month.  If you’ve already volunteered please check the list and let me know if I left anyone off. 

New Business

(1) Walt Slagle will be creating a CCARA Facebook page to advertise events and help get the club out there in the real world.  I hope we can use this tool to its fullest advantage for upcoming events.

(2) We will have a very short December meeting on December 5th to have a yearend business/budget meeting.  After the regular scheduled meeting there will be a Board Meeting which will include the Board of Directors, Current Officers and the Incoming 2017 Officers.  The Board Meeting is to go over some club organization and administrative stuff. 


Ed Mueller showed a presentation on Reverse Beacons from KE0G.  This was a very interesting thing for checking your signal strength and distance you are being heard.   Ed was using our new laptop/projector combo that the club has.  There’s still a little housekeeping such as running the wires in conduit out of the view of the audience. 

Christmas Main Menu

Turkey             Carrie & Joe Harrison                                    


Ham            Ed Mueller & Carol                                                                                  


Green Beans                                                                               


Yeast Rolls                                                                                                                     

Deviled Eggs             Harold Hall                                                                                                                                           

Cranberry Salad        Barbara and Jerry Lake                                                                        

Carrot Salad                                                                                

Sweet Potato’s              Carrie & Joe Harrison                                                             

Mac and Cheese                                                                         

Mashed Potato’s         Ed Mueller & Carol                           

Pumpkin Bread                                                                          

Dessert’s (cake, pie, pudding or bread)       

Sweet Tea              Barbara and Jerry Lake                                                                                          

Soda (Dr Pepper, Ginger Ale, Diet Pepsi or Coke)                Mike Ludwig



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