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I’ve been running Microsoft Outlook 2000 since it came out.  Over all its been pretty good, but it’s more than 15 years old – and really needs an update.  Problem is, Microsoft software is expensive and comes with the standard MS built in “product obsolescence” and other MS baggage!

I switched to a “free be”: “Sylpheed” – in the last few weeks. It comes with several Linux distributions as a standard, but there is a Windows version as well. 

It’s very lite weight (runs on old machines very nicely) and is very much up to date (2014).  It has most if not all the features of Outlook, but few if any of the problems.

The biggest problem I’ve had with Outlook over the years is the poorly integrated address book – been a kludge from the outset. Not so in Sylpheed. 

There is an import function which will import your Outlook address book and saved emails to Sylpheed with no hassle.

So far I give “Sylpheed” five out of five stars for functionality – and you just cannot beat the price !!


Larry W4AUE

PS Next subject, The status of the K4CWA memorial tower project here at W4AUE.



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